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Default Clip+ Wont turn on, shows up as M200/4mb floppy! What the christ?!

So my old Clip+ finally decided to pull a wild card on me. It's died about 20 times since I've gotten it about 15 months ago. Usually the standard reset tricks work(Holding power button, holding Power+Home, Holding Power+Volume, charging over night, baking at 300 degrees for 10 minutes) But this time nothing seems to work.

Every time my Clip+ has died before, when I plugged it into USB, the computer wouldn't detect anything. Normally you get the Sansa CLIPP and a Removable Disk Drive. This time the computer is detecting the Clip+ as a Sansa M200! Furthermore, I get a floppy drive that is 4mb and not formatted.

I've tried to format the "floppy" and the computer hangs for about 20 minutes before telling me the format failed followed by the floppy cannot be formatted.

What should I do oh Gurus of Magical Media Devices?

EDIT: Before anyone asks; no I did not drop, splash water on, or try to update the firmware of the Clip+ in question. I was listening to music and it started looping a section of the song, froze, turned it self off, wouldn't turn back on.
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Hate to say it, but that pretty much means it is now dead for good.
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Yea, I think you may be right.

I decided to crack it open and the voltage between any of the 3 battery leads is zero. The resistance is also zero between any of the leads. That can not be a good sign!

I desoldered the battery leads and it occasionally shows up correctly when plugged into USB now, when it doesn't show up - nothing shows up. There is a 1.5v measure between the black and red battery connections when the battery is disconnected. If I reconnect the battery the voltage between the same points stays at zero when connected through USB. Also when the battery is reconnected, it reverts to showing up as an m200/floppy drive.

Edit; thank god I got that extra 4GB one for 20 bucks when it was on sale!
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You might want to try this.

Edit: forgot to mention that the "recovery pins" for Clip+ are different location, look at bottom picture.

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