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Old 10-26-2011, 04:27 PM
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Good media management software is also moves and catalogs files. That leaves out WMP.

You could save the WMP playlist in .m3u form and then use a better media library to open that playlist and copy the contents to your player. That won't give you a the playlist but it will move the files.

foobar2000 and MediaMonkey make it fairly easy. Just open the playlist, highlight the part you want to transfer and check the Properties. If the size is right you can just right click and copy/paste the files to your Music folder on you DAP.

If you want the arranged in Artist/Album folders you can use the File Operations in foobar2000 to do that. I use the pattern
[%album artist%]\%album%\[%track%] - [%title%]
If you paste that into the Filename pattern box after you pick your destination folder in the Copy To... dialog box it will create the folders and sort your files into them as it copies them over.

I don't remember the exact steps using MediaMonkey but I used to do essentially the same thing using that. Highlight items in the saved WMP playlist once you open it, be sure your selection isn't too large for the drive you want to fill and copy the files over. The free version of MM isn't quite as powerful in it's library capabilities a foobar2000 IMO but it's decent.
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