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Sorry to hear that. i had an issue last year while upgrading the firmware on my 64GB model, and it finally bricked itself. I had to RMA it, and it was a NIGHTMARE dealing with Creative. I finally got it back after 3 months of pestering them, and it still works, but i do not trust the player anymore, and sometimes after i load new music on it, it seems like it takes forever for the "rebuilding library" screen to come up, and once or twice I have had it lock up on the "ZEN" screen, and had to push the reset button, and cross my fingers it would power up. Creative's quality has gone downhill on these players.

Good luck on getting resolve on your issue. It sounds like you may have to return it for a replacement, and if it is under warranty still, then that is cool. If not, it might be better to just buy another vendors PMP. Zen Vision:M was the last kick ass player they made IMHO.
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