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Originally Posted by Gefen View Post
sorry for bumping the thread, but i have quite the same problem.

as suggested here, i tried to convert all my mp3 tags to organize my music as i pleased. (as i have some music from the same artist but spelled differently)

but the weird thing is, that somehow, view won't recognize the changes i made, if i look the tab via windows' browser (properties -> summery) it's the tags I've changed (the new one) but in the view's menu, it still the same old tags! i have no idea how it can even remember it.

I tried changing the tag using windows browser, and some mp3tag changers, but with no use.

any idea what i am missing?
I get this problem as well. What I've tried to do is when I plug it into my computer, I open the MUSIC folder that contains my mp3s, right click on a blank area, and chose Refresh. I assume this would fix the problem, but unfortunately the player takes FOREVER to rewrite the changes. I tried leaving my computer on and the player plugged in for a whole day and it still didn't finish rewriting info I changed on 2 mp3s! So much for that.

The only viable option is to take EVERYTHING out, reformat the player to clean it out, and then put everything back in if you want the new info shown on the player. That's the only thing that worked for me.
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