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Angry Gigabeat F-40 has bit the dust-Center soft T-bar

My Gigabeat F-40, for which I spent 3 weeks entering 400 jazz albums has bit the dust. the Center Rubber "T" bar no longer responds to touch or it skips around for minutes never stopping. Only way I can listen to music is if it stops somewhere and then will play from there in exact order of how I entered music. I know it makes no sense to spend repair $-but I am most bothered about how to get all the albums off onto a different player-maybe even the dreaded I-pod. I saved nothing on the computer and made direct transfers from CDs I played off computer without saving on hard drive-back then my hard drive was too small. Don't even think I have Gigabeat "room" on my latest computer.
any way for a salvage operation keeping in mind I am not a techie...
help/advice appreciated.
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I've been where you are right now and found that removing or loosening the case is your solution. The reason your cross touch pad went is because the rubber hardens with age creating pressure from the face plate that didn't effect it when it was softer. Unfortunately, this is a tech savvy thing to do which requires jewelry tools (ie: small screwdrivers and plastic prys). Do you have a catalog of what is one the unit? I know a hardcore jazz fan who might do this for you just for copies of what you had on it. Let me know.
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