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Originally Posted by E100 dan View Post
Some suggestions to try:

1. while the player is turned off, remove the SD card. Then try to reset.

2. connect the player to your computer. Can you browse it with windows explorer? If so that is good.

3. can you detect it with iriver plus 3 or plus 4? If you can, try to upgrade the firmware. If it doesn't upgrade, run the "firmware updater' program, and try to use it.

4. if it is still not working, but you can detect it on the computer, download the latest firmware from iriver. It will be ina a file named 'E300.hex'. Copy that file to the root of your E300. Then turn off your player, disconnect the USB cable, and then turn on the player. Hopefully, it will update the firmware. Don't touch it while it is updating!

Let me know if that helped.

It doesn't because i have gived it back with licenz. But thank you any way.
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