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I, too, would love an armband for this device. I don't find it that impractical at all.

My device has fallen and survived. I have used portable hard-drive MP3 players and MiniDisc players in armbands, and none has ever fallen or broken. The same is true of belts, in which which I've also used portable CD players and my Archos 5. I am not sold that the risk of the armband coming apart and my device falling are significantly greater with armband than they are with the belts.

As for the hard-drive argument, people have been working out with hard-drive players in armbands for ages. Yes, they are generally thinner than the Archos, but they do damage the fragility argument. I'm sure folks don't gasp when they see runners with Zunes and iPod classics???

I have dropped my Archos before, and it survived. I've dropped my previous hard-drive player, and it survived. Some celebrate SSD drives in laptops because of their theoretical ability to last longer than hard drives, which already last far longer than you'll ever use them. They also tout the lack of moving parts, which makes SSD drives more durable, and yet every computer I have ever had still has a functioning hard drive if you bother to turn it on. Less interested in theory and more in what actually happens.

The heat is a total non-factor to me. I won't feel the heat much through a decent armband. I've had the device in my pocket without a case, and my thigh didn't exactly catch fire.

The main thing is the size. It is bigger than desirable for a workout, mostly because of its thickness and much less so because of its length. It's not very heavy, though. If someone made an appropriately sized armband, I'd be a taker.
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