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Default Windows Media player and Album Art

I use windows media player to sync music to my cowon j3 since i thought that all my album art would go on to the j3 but this is not the case. Only some album art gets synched on the j3 for some reason. the reason im having trouble with trying to fix this is that my first mp3 player was a zune 4gb and the zune software made it really simple to update or change album art so im use to just cutting and pasting. So if i use wmp to sync music on my j3 can i get the album art to show up on the j3 or can someone recommend me another program that i can use. sorry if this is a repost but i couldnt find any topics about this problem.
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Is the music without working cover art all mp4/m4a? I was reading in the FAQ that album art is not properly supported for mp4 on the J3. It says that placing the album art as a seperate "cover.jpg" in the folder on the J3's storage that contains the songs (probably with MSC mode) is a workaround.
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WMP uses hidden system folders to display album art. If you uncheck "hide protected operating system files" in the folder options you can see them in your music folders. If it's not showing for you it seems they don't work on the J3.

Check this recent thread and look for others where member DSperber has helped others with album art on the J3. A cover.jpg file in the album folder seems to be the way to go.
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so i just need to put "cover.jpg" file in the album folder. then it will show album art?
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Originally Posted by 2kitties View Post
so i just need to put "cover.jpg" file in the album folder. then it will show album art?
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