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Originally Posted by thm655321 View Post
I will preface my remarks by saying that I have nothing to do with this software but in looking for something that would easily convert my artwork (each a folder.jpg in the relevant music folder) into 100K size for the Clip Zip I found it by googling. Works very easily, just rename it to include the options you want as indicated on the webpage. And it's free to boot. Note I found choosing 96k as the file size ensures you won't go over 100k.

Here is the link for those that are interested:

What I do is use MediaMonkey to copy my files over including the folder.jpg in each folder. Then I just drag the music folder on the Zip over the program's icon on my desktop and it converts all the folder.jpgs to 100k (or less). Easy peasy chocolate squeezy.

As always, YMMV.
Thanks for the tip! On my perpetual to-do list . . . .
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