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I too have this issue and have tried just about everything I can think of besides the CF installation. First, a little back story. I'm attempting to collect a full set of Zen Micros (MicroPhotos later) for a geeky project/hobby and I currently have four Zen Micros and two Zen MicroPhotos.

I recently bought a 6GB black Zen Micro on ebay and it's stuck in recovery. I initially bought this particular ZM to replace the hard drive in my Orange ZM, which I did but the Firmware problem remains. I have no idea what firmware the player is running since all I've seen is the recovery.

I can perform all of the actions within the recovery menu, all of which are successful. That said, I cannot get the player to become recognized when trying to upgrade the firmware.

Oh yeah, since no one has Windows XP anymore, I'm running XP Mode on Windows 7 and had uninstalled all Creative software and upgraded the windows media player to version 10. After a reboot of the virtual machine and going into device manager, the player updated and says MTP Zen Micro Player or something to that effect but when I open Windows Media Player it says that there are no devices connected.

Annd.. when I disconnect the player from the Windows XP virtual machine and go back to windows 7, an MTP pop up menu comes up, which will allow me to view the files of the hard drive but it says that the drive is only 20MB. I figured it would be working enough to carry over the firmware problem and it turns on without having to be plugged it.

Oh yeah, I put a 6G ZM drive into a 5GB unit, could that possibly be an issue?
I just want the thing to work and because its a part of a bigger project I dont necessarily want to spend a lot of money fixing one.

Anything would help. Should I just suck it up and go for the CF? these wont really be used for music so I guess I could get a cheap one if it means getting the thing to upgrade its firmware.
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