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Originally Posted by nathang View Post
I name my music files like this (the first character is the album and the next two are the track number):

(101) Title
(102) Title


(a01) Title
(a02) Title

With firmware V2.26, the first track is sorted to the bottom while the rest are in order regardless of whether the first character is a number or letter. This may have been introduced any time after V2.23 as I skipped those firmwares.

I've already reverted to V2.23 and I don't feel like experimenting to find out more.
If you say that behavior sorting the very same music files using the identical browsing method is different between 2.23 and later firmware versions, it's obviously something that Cowon did (probably unintentionally). Have you reported this problem on a ticket to Cowon Global on their support site (instructions up a few at post #150)?

But if you use tags-based browsing down to an album (e.g. Library -> [Artists] -> specific artist -> one of the albums by that artist), the list is displayed in order by the "track number" field in the tags. It is assumed that the "track number" values are valid, so if they're empty or invalid I don't know what the firmware will do.

Same if you display tags-based by Library -> [Albums], then again the displayed order is based on "track number" in the tags. Or, if you come in with Library -> [Genres] or [Years], then [Artists] and into a specific artist and then album, again... by "track number" in the tag.

If you display tags-based by Library -> [Songs] or tags-based for an artist but then choose [All Tracks], they your display is alphabetical by the internal "song/title" tag field... not by the external file name. Doesn't matter what your external file names are, only the internal "song/title" tag field.

Only if you browse externally by Library -> [Folders] (like with Windows Explorer) is your display sorted alphabetically by exernal file name, having nothing to do with internal tag field values.

So... be sure in your problem description to Cowon that you state clearly how your are browsing, and what your internal tag fields (song/title as well as track number) are, and also what your external file names are... which produces different results for 2.23 vs. newer firmware, for the identical set of music files.
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