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It doesn't, but I know it is. I left it on a wall charger for a whole day and it wouldn't take much of a charge still. I followed
, because I thought I was doing it wrong, and it didn't restart after being reset.

I definitely don't see it being the motherboard, seeing as the player responds, the 'install firmware' thing is working, the Zune logo pops up, ect.

Battery's in Carson, CA right now, so it should be here Friday (or maybe tomorrow if I pick it up at the post office).

I DID get it to reformat though! Connected it to my lappy and it worked (pretty sure I was doing it wrong before). Now let's see what happens...
EDIT: ... It still won't install the firmware. -_- Same C00D124F error.

moar edit: I'm starting to think I should look around on Amazon or somewhere for a non-working Z30 with an HDD problem and put the new parts in there.
Or maybe I have a DOA new hard drive. Or maybe Microsoft just manages to make awesome things with horrific flaws.

EDIT 3: For some ungawdly reason I decided to open it up and try putting the old hard drive back in and seeing what happened. Can't get it in, so I just put the new one back in, left the battery and back off and just plugged it into the laptop. It's doing what it did in the first post! Or either the motherboard it derping the hard drives up or it was a DOA hard drive. Either way, brb, gonna scratch my eyes out.

EDIT 4: (6:15pm, PDT, Saturday) I got the battery. ... the cord's too short.
Oh wait, it bends. Okay.

Put the original hard drive back in. The reason I had problems before is because the hard drive has a tiny black thing that clamps onto the ZIF cable, and I was trying to put the cable in while it was clamped. Huh.
Let's see what I can do with the new battery.

All it does with both hard drives is stay on the Zune logo with nothing happening for a few minutes, then goes to step 5 of whatever saying to contact support.

I think I just need a new Zune...

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