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Default No songs on list after being used in car usb port?

So I have lately been using my View plugged into my car's USB port to play music with the radio but then went to use my View normally alone and it shows all the album and artist names but no songs. Going into the info it shows there 1403 songs on the View but yet can only seem to play them with my radio now. Any idea what happened?
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I have no experience with the View or a car USB port.

However, missing songs on the Sansa Clip/Fuze/Clip+ are usually related to changing the USB setting from MSC to MTP (or vice versa) or Autodetect (aka Autodefect) changing it for you.

In Autodetect mode, I would guess that the USB port would force MSC mode.

Have a look at the USB setting, and see whatchanging it does.

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Yup, what Steve said would be my guess. You should change yours to MTP and see if it shows up (generally, autodetect sets it to MTP, plugging it in to the car or other non-computer things switches it to MSC).
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AFAIK The Sansa View does not have "autodetect" as stated above. Its transfer protocol is either MTP/MSC only, check in your settings to see which one you have and change to the other to see if it will display your music files. Itís possible that your tunes were loaded while connected to your PC in MTP protocol and it only works with your car stereo while in MSC mode. If thatís the case you may want to connect to your PC and delete all your files, disconnect and change to the mode that works with your car stereo, reconnect to your PC and re-load tunes. If Iím not right about what I just said, the only other thing it could be is your tags, please check and report back before we go there. Keep in mind that what ever mode it's currently in, you will have to change it back to that mode to work with your car stereo, thatís why I suggested to set it up so it works both while connect to car and not ...

Reference: user manual, abi Sansa View Review

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Well had my tunes loaded on here using it as just an mp3 player for a few years now before getting this car with a usb port but then again will the problems the player randomly has wouldn't surprise me if it converted them magically. Modes are Autodetect and MSC for the View and tried both. Used it I think twice by itself after I started connecting it to the car's USB and worked fine but then just stopped one day. Switch on the side been acting up lately so making me want a new player more, half the time lately says it locked even when it's not and have to switch it to locked mode first before turning off.
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