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Default update 9/12/11

Originally Posted by xnamkcor View Post
I have a NS-BT400(Computer says it's NS-BTS21)
I've used it just fine on my Dad's computer, but I can't get it to play sound on mine. My Adapter is GBU221.

PS: When I right click on his BT logo in the System Tray, there is an Add...Device option. On mine, the closest thing I have is some Wizard.

Update 01/31/08 1256
I updated my drivers and the menu option of "Add Bluetooth Device" is present. It can use the Play/Pause, Next, and Previous functions, but I still can't get any audio to come out of it.

In my reading I've noticed mentions of two thingies, one by/for Windows and one called WIDCOMM(website says it is now Broadcom). Can anybody point me to some downloads/explanations of these so I can maybe try both of them.

Update 01/31/08 1328
Turns out I had to set winamp to use Bluetooth Stereo Audio. I assumed setting it globally in Windows would do it, but no. Everything is working except Play/Pause doesn't Pause. It only plays the file from the begining, but I can live with that.

Update 01/31/08 1335

Turned on Global Hotkeys and it let me fix the key's action

Update 9/12/11

The characters NS-BTS21 represent the name of the driver, not the device. The device is still NS-BT400. Have been trying to get that driver for a week. If anyone has it available, please post notice here
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