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Old 09-12-2011, 10:01 AM
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@ Lebellium Thanks for your input
If you could add a M3U to SPL converter that would be very great
^ There technically is it is, not direct M3U To SPL; you have import the file addresses from the M3U and then save it as a SPL (Look on the FILE Menu, there is a import from M3U option)
-Playlists work (you should add flac format to the extensions list so that people are not obliged to select "all files" instead)
^ How did I Forget about FLAC!

In Regards to the FW Update Conundrum:
Obviously the file will be outdated every 2 weeks (there are already the new F3, Z3 and R2, new fw for Q3 will be released soon etc.
^ With the SFV files i was hoping that someone would start making them with the right FW Versions and uploading them so all the users could get updates; i can't keep up to date with all the Samsung Products. Even more so now that my P3 is completly unusable.

If would be better if your software checked the fw version online (for example a Samsung_Tools_Firmware Data.sfv file on a FTP server that you or me could update regularly).
^ I'm Exploring Options...

@ jumbjumb
What is tic tac toe?
^ It's time for a good old Google search or

What is MydeviceInfo?
^ Exactly what it says; Info about your Device. You can also save your Serial Number in program for Refrence (Service Calls to Samsung, etc.)
(What's the benefit of putting your serial in ur p3? I have serial on the back of my P3. Just not too sure...)
^ You don't put Serial in your P3, the milk is probably not good for the mainboard...
thank you again for creating this program.
Thank you again for reading.
^Your Welcome
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