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Old 09-10-2011, 02:54 PM
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Samsung Sound is quite good
I own K5,P2 and M1
It was samsung (and Olympus) that made me abandon the Minidisc walkman marked in 2006
and go Mp3 player

I also own Cowon S9

I dont use any EQ settings just the default for now

in my opinion Cowon sound a bit better than samsung on default eq settings
since for me it sound a bit louder...

I also own a Sony A828 and Ipod touch 1G
but the sound are horrible (Sony because it is not loud was bought in europe and sony players in europe has sound limitation)
And ipod sounds poor as we already know

Anyway I have been using Samsung player since 2006 and never disapointed with the sound

What sux with Samsung is when transfering Movies
very little suport and you have to convert i done with that
(not sure how new galaxy players like the 70 are regarding this)

With Cowon Can drag about any Movie and it play right away no conversion, took me 1-2 minuts to transfer a 1gb movie.
so if you into movies and music cowon is best.

I was thinking if to buy the Ipod nano but when the new one was released
i didnt like it.

The new Samsung players Galaxy etc... dont apeal to me
i dont like the new turn (Ipod copy) samsung has taken
Come an If i want a player that look like Ipod touch i buy a ipod touch
create something different and i Buy it
samsung was way more creative before

I could go for Sony but need to import as i done with their crappy sound limitation in Europe, very angry on sony for this.
They could just have added a switch or something like Cowon does
where you select USA as location and get loud music... but Sony never learn from its mistakes

So whats left in sound quality atleast for me is .... Cowon

I do however find the Sandisk apealing i might get one just for owning one even if i know that Cowon and maybe samsung might sound better...

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