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Default Measurements are important

Originally Posted by dfkt View Post
It was measured by an acquaintance of mine, an audio engineer (DIY zero-output-impedance amp > SM3 > B&K measuring microphone > ARTA). Sorry, I don't have access to the other measurements, but I would be interested in them as well...
Subjective reviews are ubiquitous, banal and ... well, subjective ... dime-a-dozen AFAIC. So my hat's off to you for taking the objective plunge.

This is a popular IEM, but it has been, thus far, pretty much neglected WRT scientific measurements. So... please wine and dine your acquaintance ... and get him/her to donate any other measurements. Otherwise, Tyll over at IF -- who seems to have caught on to measurements-are-important strategy -- may beat you to the punch

I've subscribed to this thread ... and looking fwd to any more measured data you can provide.
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