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Originally Posted by skip252 View Post
Boooooo!!! I liked the original "having to buy another to get your speakers back" conclusion better. Oh well, at least I got a decent chuckle out of it.
Same here, I thought it was funny when I couldn't get it off the can at first.

Originally Posted by skip252 View Post
Thanks for the pics. They should give anyone that's curious a good idea of what they get.
That's OK, happy to help.

Originally Posted by skip252 View Post
On the loud enough is good enough side for a small outdoor get together concept. Do you think one of these setups could give out enough relatively undistorted volume for say, eight people spread out on beach towels? A speaker that size really can't sound great but if it can give off enough volume to provide a background ambiance that would be a big plus.
At full volume on a Sansa Clip+ (using the OF) it's sound is fairly distorted and tinny, although it is listenable up until about 80-85% of the Clip+'s overall volume output, depending on what your listening to.

Yes, I reckon it would work adaquately for eight people as background ambience. Although possibly only if your MP3 player is fairly loud, for example not with an EU volume limit that can't be easily removed. The reason being that the speaker itself has no volume control on it.

Originally Posted by sideways View Post
I imagine there are some DIY applications for that little speaker.
They are quite a nice small size, I think you could be right about that

Originally Posted by FreeZ5 View Post
I don't really consider this a free speaker. I gotta buy 4 cans (I think) of Pringles to get it.
I had the three cans I needed anyway, so I thought I may as well get one! I wouldn't bother otherwise

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