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The only problem I have found is that after clipping the speaker onto an empty can that it seems to be able to remove it, I will most likely have to break/destroy the can. (I haven't tried this yet.) The battery compartment is inside the can which means removing to replace the batteries.
I just love it! In seems you're saying that to continue using your "free" speaker you have to tear it apart and put it into a new Pringles can. Pretty much guarantees as long as you use their speakers you'll buy their product doesn't it?

Yeah, the inventive or industrious would find a work around but it seems the whole concept is it's something to listen to when you're not worrying about top quality or a hassle. Considering I lost a decent quality Fuze dock on a trip to the beach these would have been a nice substitute. When you're at a picnic SQ isn't the top priority most the time anyway. If it's loud enough, it's good enough has been my experience.

Picture are always welcome. Post them up whenever you get a chance. Thanks for the info. Gave me a good laugh this morning.
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