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Thinking of it, have a look at the common Nokia BL-5C Li-Ion battery module. It's rated at about 850mAh, and look about the same dimensions as the wee Clip, about 2.5mm thick. If one would omit the rear clip, and substitute the BL-5C over the original internal pack, it might be interesting...

Food for thought. I haven't checked into the 3rd lead sensing element as yet, but it might make for a long-duration machine...and a small one at that!

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Originally Posted by paulr View Post
I sometimes think of buying an 8gb clip and unsoldering its flash chips to solder them into an m240.
I have scores of non-working players of various brands and models (with hundreds of gigabytes of flash memory), many of which mount as drives and thus can be verified via a "surface" scan in a good disk utility program. If you have the soldering skills needed to remove chips from one PCB and mount them on another, maybe we can do business.

Are you located in the U.S.? (It would certainly be easier to ship parts back on forth if you are.) You can send me a PM if you like.

Of course, anybody else with the skills necessary to do board-level repairs and mods is more than welcome to respond also.

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Default Connecting cells in parallel?

Originally Posted by dave61430 View Post
First, connecting cells in parallel is not a good idea, particularly for LiOn.
Why? Can you point to more information on that?
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link in Danne71 post to ELFA broken,
correct link -
BatterihŚllare 3 x AAA, 2484

As I understand, i must find re-seller in my country or use distributors from this page

Manufacturer: Keystone Electronic(!)
Part Number: SBH-431 \ SBH-431A
S-with cover
BH-battery holder
A-with 150mm wire.

NOT(!) SBH-431-1A by Comfortable Electronic or Memory Protection Devices.

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