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Default Problem with adding music on J3

Some music that I add onto the J3 show up as unknown while playing but when I look at the song in the browser it has the .mp3 tag at the end of it. What can I do to prevent that? I am using the 2.23 firmware as well, does an up to date firmware fix that? Replies would be much appreciated.
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Oh and the cover art doesn't always show up either.
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If you play music by starting from Library -> [Folders] and then choose [J3] or [J3 Ext] and then navigate down the folder structure of either drive, you're really browsing through your J3 just like Windows Explorer would show things... alphabetical, and by physical external name.

So you see file names including their extension, and lists are presented alphabetically. But since these are all external physical names there can be nothing that shows up as "unknown".

So, you must be instead playing music using tags-based browsing, starting from Library -> [Artists], or Library -> [Genres], or Library -> [Years], or Library -> [Albums], or Library -> [Songs].

Any of these methods is presenting your music files based on the INTERNAL TAG FIELDS in your MP3 or FLAC files. You are not seeing the external file names as with [Folders], nor will you see the filename extension. You are instead seeing the internal "title/song" tag field value... whatever it is (assuming you've got tags in all of your music files, as you absolutely should for maximum usability with any PMP or PC music collection).

So, if you see "unknown" I would guess that the "title/song" tag field value for that music file is empty. Missing. Blank. And the same goes for other tag fields, which also will simply not be placed into the tags database correctly if they are empty, missing, or blank.

And that also means you won't be able to browse using the tags-based method and see those files, because they will appear as "UNKNOWN" instead of "The Beatles", etc.

===>> You should review your music files using the most popular and user-friendly music file tag utility program, named MP3Tag. It's very powerful and can display/edit any tag field on any music file. You will obviously be able to see if the value in that field for that file is missing or present (and accurate or incorrect). And you can fix things yourself, either individually or "in mass".

As far as album art is concerned, there really are two ways to make album art appear:

(a) place a single album art image which you've named "cover.jpg" into the "album folder" in which all the music files from that album are located. The assumption is that your collection is organized something like:



So you would place the album art for Album1 into that \Music\Artist1\Album1 folder and name it "cover.jpg". When the J3 plays any of the music files within that folder it uses the "cover.jpg" from that folder to present as the album art.

Same procedure for each of your other album folders.

This is a very simple and reliable way of minimizing the number of album art JPGs on the J3 (to minimize space consumption).

(b) you can also imbed album art in the "album art" tag field of MP3 and FLAC files, using MP3Tag to do that since that's also one of its capabilities.

Now, when the J3 plays that music file, it will ALWAYS use the imbedded album art from the tag field of that music file. This is true no matter whether this music file lives in an album folder where there is also a "cover.jpg" present. In this case, the imbedded album art in the tag takes precedence and is displayed.

Obviously this method means that you don't ever have to use cover.jpg images in album folders (e.g. if your music collection folder organization doesn't even have album folders, but say is organized by genre).

However this also obviously duplicates the album art JPG imbedded in tags for each music file from that same album. This is a relatively minor cost, but it may be a real issue if you have many music files and limited J3 storage.

So, either album art method is supported. MP3Tag can imbed (or remove) album art in tags, if you want to go that way. Or, cover.jpg is perfectly simple and efficient if you have your collection set up as \Music\Artist\Album.

Up to you. But "cover.jpg" must be named just that. You can't use "folder.jpg" or any other value.
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I will take a look at the file tags, it definitely explains it though - thanks!
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