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Originally Posted by JBThazard View Post
My Cowon J3 came in today, purchased off of a Korean ebay dealer
Well, there's your answer I suppose.

I bought mine through JetAudio here in the US. Actually, it was through Amazon but fulfilled by JetAudio. JetAudio is actually Cowon's retail persona here.

It came with "global" (i.e. USA) firmware.

and it came with 3.21 firmware, I updated it to 3.26, and there is absolutely no MTP mode anywhere, and one of the main reasons I bought this was so I could scrobble my tracks by going into MTP mode with qtScrobbler.
I myself don't use this functionality, and therefore do not go into MTP mode.

But I was unaware the DMB version did not support MSC/MTP mode, as you seem to have demonstrated. Certainly this is a problem for you if you must use MTP mode for scrobbling.

No way to return the purchase to the seller in exchange for a US-model?

Does anybody know if I could somehow get MTP mode put onto my Cowon, perhaps by somehow switching to 2.26 firmware?
I have no idea. You might ask that specific question in this ABI forum or better still over in the forum on firmware (which is the Cowon users forum).

You might contact CowonAmerica, which is their support operation here, and ask them your question. You can also ask them for assistance on this matter, but if it simply cannot be done well then that's unfortunate. Maybe sell it and buy a US model that supports MTP, if there's simply no way to convert your 3.xx J3 to use the 2.xx firmware.

Anyway, go to the CowonAmerica web site (notice the JetAudio logo), register (they'll send you an email with an "activation link", and then you're ok), and then "submit a ticket". They will respond promptly... they're very good, and they're English-speakers here in the US.
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