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Thank you all for the response!

So far from what I've been reading, the J3 is easily many people's favourite because of the customizable eq and ability to play flac files. However, like burningfist pointed out, I'm not sure if playing on flac or mp3 has that significant a difference with my Westone 4? Most of the reviews I've read comes from people with super high end headphones... But with the Westone 4, do you think there will be any noticeable difference playing flac vs mp3 200+kbits?

@g.711 I love the westone 4! It comes with different kinds of tips (and them foam tips actually expand and fit around my ear nicely, blocking out most of the sound from outside also). As for the sound, I am no expert, but if there's one thing I will say.. it sounds very neutral. I compared it to the shure 535 and with the shure, I think the higher mids sorta strike out more than anything else. But with the w4, everything sorta sounds flat. Even the bass is less bassier. But I do like it a lot because without all that reverberating thumping, I can actually hear the bass clearer.

One thing I don't like about the w4 though is it's cable... the cable built is really good (better than the shure 535 as it's braided) However, you have to tie it around your head and leave it hanging behind, which is cool if you put your ipod in your back pocket -- however, if you put it in, say, your right front pocket, then you will feel a tug on your left ear, especially when you turn to the right (vice versa).

I am really curious to see what the J3 eq can do to the w4...

Anyways, I hope this helps.
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