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Originally Posted by djfonplaz View Post
Well... I read many articles about V1 and V2 of this player, but looks like there aren't differences, except for RockBox compatibility.
The main functional differences are, if I am not mistaken, better playing of videos off the card in the second version, shorter battery life playing MP3s in the first version when running on Rockbox, and support for the USB for the first version when running Rockbox. Both versions are stable with Rockbox.
So, in fact, the player in different versions doesnt change so much, or what can you say about this?
Other than the above, both are very similar. If you want to know about the differences inside the players, please see
Thanks and sorry for these questions,but I'm about to purchase this player
Before you do, you should be aware that the production of version-two Fuzes probably ended in the summer of 2010, and the production of version-one Fuzes ended even earlier. Therefore the major concern might be the condition of the battery. So before you buy, I think you might want to make sure that the seller has a very good reputation, has a very generous return policy, and you may want to contact him and let him know about these concerns.
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