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Default Play Lists on the J3

I just finished wading through the thread on this topic that ended on 04-24. Fascinating reading (and a lot of labor by a lot of diligent people) but at that time, no definitive solution. With the advent of 2.26 is there a generally accepted technique for building play lists when ... (a) you are using only internal memory, or (b) when you're using both internal and external memory?
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the only way of making lists (that i know) if you either use that mtp (or whatever method) by making your lists on the pc with some software or you go for the favorites list within the j3 but apparently its limited to 250 files...

the new firmware did not bring a change to that and generally i was not able to find a comfortable und functioning way for that.

(itunes is really good at that but cowon might be scared to do it the same way eventually apple would sue cowon because they violated the pattern of apple that no one is allowed to have a better device than them )
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Some additional work has recently been done experimenting with both M3U and PLA playlists, and it seems that both are limited to 400 entries maximum. Favorites on the J3 are something else (and can reference music files on both internal and external storage), and that is limited to 250 maximum. This limit of 400 is hard and fast for M3U/PLA playlists.

With the firmware changes that I believe came out in 2.24, M3U playlists are restricted to referring only to music files that are located on the same storage where the M3U playlist file itself is stored. Previously M3U playlist files could only be stored on internal storage and refer to internal storage music files.

Now, with 2.26, you can put M3U playlist files on either internal or external storage. But wherever the M3U file itself lives, the referenced music files must also come from the same storage.

M3U playlists require the J3 to be set to MSC connection mode. And MSC connection mode results in a Windows drive letter getting assigned for internal and external storage separately, when you plug in the J3 to the PC. 100% of Windows programs and 3rd-party player, playlister, and organizer programs work perfectly with MSC mode since Windows drive letters are assigned.

Don't forget that when you're done with your maintenance of the J3 in MSC mode, you MUST "safely remove hardware" before disconnecting the USB cable.

In contrast, PLA playlists require the J3 to be set to MTP mode. There are no Windows drive letters assigned when the J3 is in MTP mode and plugged into the PC. Instead, it shows up in Windows Explorer as "Cowon J3" and underneath that "internal storage" and "external storage".

PLA playlists CAN refer to music files on both internal and external storage. However Windows Explorer is the only known program that can actually create and maintain PLA playlists of this type, that refer to music files on both internal and external storage.

Once you have the J3 in MTP mode and create PLA playlists, you can never go back to MSC mode... else you'll destroy your PLA playlists and they cannot be repaired. They can only be deleted and re-built, assuming you go back to MTP mode.

Very very few 3rd-party programs can handle the J3 in MTP mode because there are no Windows drive letters assigned. So again, you're stuck with Windows Explorer... even for functions as simple as just copying music files from PC to internal and external storage.

The only practical "workaround" for the issues regarding M3U and PLA playlists is to NOT use them at all. Or, you can use them but must live with their limitations.

A reasonable (though not perfect) alternative is to use either "genre" and/or "year" tag fields as one or two separate "playlist names" per music file. Obviously this depends on your NOT being upset because you've lost "genre" or "year" as real tag field data items, and that you can live with losing the ability to genuinely browse by "genre" or "year".

But if you're willing to accept those consequences, you can use the "genre" and "year" tag fields to store your own arbitrary "playlist names". Thus you can have one music file in up to two different "playlists".

The obvious benefits and value of this approach is that:

(1) there is NO limit to the number of music files in one of these "playlists", since the J3's tags database can include 100% of all the music files on your device. In other words, there is NO limit to how many music files can have the same "playlist name" in their genre or year tag field.

(2) music files on BOTH INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL STORAGE are automatically examined by the J3 at boot time to build the tags database. That means ALL MUSIC FILES, on both internal and external storage, can be specified as part of one of these "playlists" based on genre or year tag fields.

Hope this clarifies things for you.
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Angry Cowon J3 Playlists

it's unbearable to think that I spent $300 on the Cowon J3 + a 32GB microSD card, to end up with a player that can't:
1. Use my WPL playlists (which i can only convert to M3U using WMP)
2. can't play playlists with more than 400 tracks, when my i have >8K tracks altogether and 1200 tracks in my most popular playlist.
Why would a player allow you to have 64GB of tracks with only being able to play 400 tracks in a playlist?
No, i don't want to use the genre and year fields for playlist purposes, plus i don't want to recreate a 1200 tracks playlist!

does anyone know if Cowon are planning a firmware update which will allow playlists with more tracks?
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if you have that much storage than you could make a folder system i mean i have 16gb without any cards and i have folders instead of playlists its the same so i mean forgeddaboudid
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sounds like cowon firmware is abit lacking =\
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