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Default micro USB

microUSB you will find in allUSA Kindle e-book reader.Kindle supplies very nice,small but powerfull charger,one reason more to buy Kindle.
It is very nice to read, listening to good music same time.I am sure,that Sansa people had this on their minds,when they decided to adopt microUSB.
anyway - it is standard in all EU countries.It fits all mobiles there.
Too short USB cable???? buy longer one if you need,it is not easy to find short one.
Tiny and light SansaClip demands light and short cable.
Do not complain about internal memory size - you have slot for memory card,it works up to 32G!!32G? is not enough?and it is integrated.
One thing is missing in your review Mr.Martin:
what has happened to.....SlotRadio?nobody is crying?will it work on ClipZip?
personally - I find it usefull,I give Clip+ with SlotRadio cards as birthday gift to friends,who are not technologically smart,so they can enjoy music on go.
Thank you for giving us your competent review so promptly!


clip zip, sandisk, sdxc compatibilty

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