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Originally Posted by Marvin the Martian View Post
I never do the folder.jpg thing. I either embed the art, or have none(like my earlier rips that I'm too lazy to embed).
As far as art size......I'm looking at 3 albums right now in MP3Tag. 2 of them are 500x500, but the filesizes are 31KB and 53KB.......they show up on the CZ.

The 3rd album is 495x495, but the filesize is 247KB.....that one doesn't show.
Seems like its not reading art after a certain file size. But i'm a little confused. You say u dont do the whole folder.jpg thing yet yer quoting (presumably) the art size. If the art is embedded within the mp3 file isnt the file size the size of the overall mp3 file (like 8mb or whatever the song size is?). My point is, if the art is embedded in the mp3 file how do u know how many kb the art is? Usually i attribute the art file size to being x and look at the folder.jpg to determine.
For what its worth my art is also embedded (via Tag&Rename) but i have never seen a function to show how many KB the art is adding to the file size.

Originally Posted by Marvin the Martian View Post
I never have had any problems with the Clip+'s clip.

Right now, the spring on the new player seems like it has a stronger clamping force, but considering the other player is two years old, that doesn't surprise me. I will say that you can see the metal spring of the Clip+ if you look closely, and the CZ's is completely hidden.....for whatever that is worth.
The clip part is not that important. My clip+ clip broke off quite early and I replaced it with another generic clip I had in a drawer. My local hardware store sells this doublesided 'foam like' sticky tape, its very secure, especially when securing a light weight device like the clip+ and a clip, its more durable than a spring mechanism it uses originally. I also think they stick the clips on upside down, should be the other way.
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