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Default Good clip-on phones for metalhead friend?

Hey all, my friend loves metal, all kinds! Anything involving screaming and loud guitars, hehe. Anyway, this dude has an iPod (blegh!) and he's sick of the stocker headphones. He says he really wants some nice clip-on ones. He's looking for something that will sound good at high volumes. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot!

Ah, by the way, he's not a very monetarily privileged kind kinda guy. So probably around $100, but even that's pushing it!
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Koss KSC75 the only clip-on under $100 thats good, and they are VERY good too, very grado like sound signature which is paticulary good for thrash metal but has decent bass. plus you can pick them up for <$20


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Koss KSC-75's, without a doubt.
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I second third that....
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I 4th that. Not sure if it is necessary....
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They are pretty ground sounding at the 14 bucks I paid for my set. So, I "fifth" that..

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Ok, great, I'll be sure to pass that on!

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