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Default Display starts to separate from the body

Hi there, anybody meet with this problem? The glass is about 0.3 - 0.5 mm separeted on the left part of my S9. As on photo.The touchsreen works perfectly. Thanks in advance! Csaba

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My bottom corners are also little bit above the surface. Maybe it's some construction mistake. Maybe it's some weak glue. But after a year of use it's doesn't change.
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Weak Glue.

RMA it if it bothers you I just left mines alone.
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Thanks majoSK and Confispect !

Not bothers me . Just want to collect more infos. Bought it for cca $90 here in Hungary (with all documentation) but I have to change the European stupid loudness limitations... .

Open S9 system folder, and simply delete the "PARAM" file. Power off. Power up.
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Thanks again!
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The glass on my player is sticking up a bit in corners. When I press on a corner of the glass, it sinks down while the opposing corner raises. Doesn't affect function but it feels a bit unsafe even if it isn't.
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