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Okay, done a few more days of testing on it.

Yeah, I found the buttons just right. Use my left hand and first two fingers control the volume and thumb for the control pad. Perfect.

I still haven't gotten to use synch folder feature. It is deffo seem to transfer faster than the other two players. The only thing slow is vid. When I first try to upload a vid, it said 1 hour! Then I was surfing the web for a while and it was transferred. Don't know how long it took... maybe 15 minutes? Still like way too long and don't know whether I can be bovered to transfer another vid again.

I also watched a film at work. Quality is good. Better than the budget screen on Cowon C2. Like DVD vs normal TV quality. Although I can watch films at work on a netbook, I prefer to use something smaller to be more discreet about it. Think I might use it for travelling as well and don't need to carry my netbook with me.

My eyes were squinting a bit tho after so don't think I'll be using it frequently.

ah. I haven' had much problem with the jack any more. Not sure why it happened that day. However, there has been skips due to quality of my tracks which was noticeable on my Sony but wasn't on my other players. Really not sure why that is the case. It is not a big enough problem for me to find out. Only quick skips happen on my recorded State of Trace radio sets and not my other music. Didn't notice it when I was using my other players tho.

I was only having a little laugh about the Colorfly. Not that I am anywhere close to be able to afford it and actually seems too big as portable. Not sure the beef with the same issues that keep appearing in numerous threads, high end dap, amps, head-fi, placebo... People just seem to get ... really really worked up about it. :P

I mean if someone can afford a Colorfly, pretty sure money is least of his worries. No need to help him save money.

Okay, the volume thing.. well I have switched off all the Sony stuff like Dynamic Normaliser, Clear Stereo and DSEE whatever since they seem to distort my music and I prefer it more natural. However, it has made the volume lower, particularly Dynamic normaliser thing when I switched it off it was like a volume difference of 6. Also, the volume level depends on the quality of my tracks. So I do have to jack up my volume a lot more without the Sony thing and especially on some tracks.

Indoors it is still comfortable with only a few tracks where I need to jack it up to full volume but outdoors, I can deffo do with more volume. It is not so quiet that I can't enjoy my music but think I can enjoy it more at higher level.

Think I'll be buying a portable amp now. Though not in a hurry since I don't use it much outdoors apart from walking that short bit to and from the tube station when I go to work.

Also, got this case with two socks for the player for 5 from iDelta:

I wanted a leather case but since my player look so gorgeous thought it would be a shame to hide is looks and got the crystal case. Fit perfectly and everything is all good apart from... some two small air bubble thing on my screen. Cant' seem to get rid of it and can't open the case back up to get rid either since once you close it you have to break the case to open it again.

It is not that noticeable when I use the menu since the light from the screen made you can't see the bubbles but might be a problem if I was watching a vid. And it spoilt the look of my player. Kinda annoying.
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