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Without seeing the code i am not sure why it would crash, but i suggest trying my player debug function:

function debug.player(functionname) -- a nice debugger for the player which outputs any errors of functions to a text file called "ErrorLog.txt"
    if not f then

function savevariable(file,variable) -- this will save variables to a file
    CodeOutput =,"w");

function variabletype (o)
    if type(o) == "number" then
        return tostring(o)
    elseif type(o) == "string" then
        return string.format("%q", o)
        return tostring(o)
If that doesn't help, how big this the file you want to load, because I know how to load files in chunks and then put it together once all loaded.

- could that be problem with reading speed of player?
- or file size of loaded file?
- or path is too deep?
- or folders should be only written only CAPSIZED?
It is not that the path is deep ( I have used much deeper)
It is not that folders should be written in CAPIZED ( I use lower case folders, look at Pingus)
I doubt its the reading speed of the player, after seeing how far i can push pingus on the player, I highly doubt you could reach that limit.

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