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Default After two weeks

Not for me.
I guess I will consider this a base line for what the reviews mean in the various respects. I thought I was going to experience foward bass, not so.
the base is set too far back; if you like classical, jazz, blues, these things are great. Start to pump some A7X, Metallica, Manson through them and they just fall flat. (I'm assuming treble loss is taking a role here as well)

The fidelity is terrific, I can hear things in songs that I never heard before but, I'm not looking to hear the singer scratch his/her arm at the cost of range. Technically these are really good for the proce but as far as enjoying the music, not so much.

I am coming from Skull Candy Ink'd IEMs and while they are more muddied than the M2s, they blow the M2s away in bass and treble making my listening on the Ink'd more fun.
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