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Originally Posted by JohnGarziglia View Post
Does anyone know if an Archos 32 will plug and work on the USB port now available on newer cars, and the MP3 files in it be visible and playable thorugh the car audio system?

I have an Archos 43 IT which so similar to the 32 that I would expect identical results. Using the USB cable I hooked up the 43 to the USB port of my JVC Arsenal car radio. The JVC displayed a "can not read" message. I also bought a JVC Arsenal for my GF's car, and her Ipod Gen 4 works perfectly through the USB port of the that unit.
Consider the following:

Using an Archos, or an Ipod, is an awkward way to port MP3s though your stereo's USB port. In my view, a USB flash drive is the way to go. A flash drive is tiny and inexpensive. There is no cable flopping around . The only major thing that you can't do with a flash drive is a playlist. The Ipod will play a DRM WMA audiobook through the UBS port, while a flash drive can not.
But you play can anything out the 3.5mm head phone jack of the Archos and into the front aux connector of the car stereo. So, to me, it's not that big of a deal. If you want to use the head phone jack of your 43, or 32, make sure that your car stereo has sufficient amplification through the front aux connector. NOT ALL CAR STEREOS HAVE ENOUGH AMPLIFICATION TO PLAY AN ARCHOS, OR MOST PMPS, THROUGH THE FRONT AUX CONNECTOR. The JVC Arsenal has a built in pre-amp function to boost the front aux input.

For my uses, the Archos 43 soundly beats the inflexible Ipod Gen 4. My GF got the Ipod for free, otherwise she would have a 43, as well. To me, the ability to play MP3's through a car stereo's USB port doesn't level the playing field.

Maybe someone will write a program that will permit an Android device to emmulate an Ipod and allow the use of the stereo's USB connector. That would be handy mainly for playing DRM WMA audiobooks.

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