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How many songs do you have in the player? Depending upon the number, and the seeding the RNG is using, you're likely just getting a few occurrences of repeating songs. Given a limited (and relatively small) pool to select from, it could just simply be random occurrence that is causing the same song to play more than once.

A second factor may be if you have shuffle and repeat on at the same time. This would explain how the same song(s) appear even though they have already been selected.

Another thing to consider is having redundant songs. You may simply have multiple copies of the song on your player, in different folders and/or albums without realizing it. If you have two or more copies, that would slightly increase the chance of it playing more than once.

There's also the possibility that there isn't anything wrong with it at all, and you just think it's repeating a lot. Given that the brain is hardwired to think a few occurrences is grounds for assuming a pattern (seriously, it's a known design flaw of the the human brain, and no matter how many times we submit a bug report, the manufacturer refuses to fix it. Next time, I'm going to wait for a better model, screw this early adopter shit), it's entirely possible that you're unknowingly assigning a random set of events as a repeatable situation.

Without a detailed list of files and doing some math, there is no way to be certain. There is no known shuffle or RNG issue with any Walkman device that I could find online. If anyone does have any evidence of it, by all means, post it so we can see.
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