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Welcome to ABi

Just saying you have done that doesn't really help the OP. It would be much more helpful if you outlined how you did it. If you give the info on how you set WMP and Rockbox so that it allows drag and drop of .m3u playlists I'm sure that thechrisl and a number of other users would be very grateful.

Quite a few people have reported that when they attempt to drag and drop a WMP playlist onto a Rockboxed player it doesn't work due to the file paths being wrong. This is fairly remarkable if you have come up with a way to do this without needing to correct file paths. Do you create your playlists in WMP from files on the player or from files on your PC? Are you able to create playlists that include the internal and external memories and then drag and drop them?

I'll hold off any other questions until you give us a basic outline of how it is that you are doing this. Post back soon.
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