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Originally Posted by Greg91x View Post
Apple, the shuffle, Nano etc.
Batteries, not the players. Those devices still use the same batteries as all the other ones, any way. The argument still stands.

Also, they have relatively large batteries for their size (30% of volume or higher) versus the A840/A850 series, which are about 20% (rough estimates based upon known break-downs of parts and construction).

Even then, the Shuffle (depending upon the model) is 12 to 20 hours. Two models have no screen, while another is a touch screen (small as it is). They also tend not to run any of the various features that the Walkmans do, like a built-in amp, built-in noice canceling, etc...

They're very different devices, and a direct comparison of battery life between them is meaningless unless that is your only standard by which to measure them. That is,if you will forgive the pun, apples and oranges.

Originally Posted by tienbasse View Post
It seems that aesthetics won against common sense.
Agreed. They could have made it the same size as any of the current S-series. Those have awesome battery life, and it's because they have more room to store the battery in. Twice as think seems to equal twice as much battery.

Still would kill for a 64 GB S540 or S750.
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