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Originally Posted by Just Some Guy View Post
Sony's real fault with the A840 and A850 Walkmans was the desire to make them super thin. They could have added a few more millimeters and got a bigger battery in there, and that would have increased the battery life a lot. Look at the S540 series. They're almost the same size, but almost twice as thick. The battery life is about 45 to 50 hours. Same with the E-series.
I think you're absolutely right, but bear in mind that when you offer customers 32 or 64Gb or music, they expect decent battery life.
It is not like you only have a few hours of music stored...

And the huge and very bright screen just makes it worse, you can't even set it up to power down in less than 15 seconds... I wish it was AMOLED and with better settings.

It seems that aesthetics won against common sense.
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