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Help Reattaching the clip to my Sansa Clip +

The Clip of my Sansa Clip + has some how become detached from the player.
The Rest of the clip is fine and the actuall metal part that attaches the clip to the player is still in the player.

Is it possible for me to reattach the clip?
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Welcome to ABi

Sorry to hear about your clip coming off. I've read several accounts of that happening. I can't remember reading that anyone has managed to reattach the original clip. Mine came off a few weeks ago and I just filed the nubs off and use it like that.

There is a thread with several DIY replacement ideas here. If none of those suit you and and the player is still under warranty you could contact Sansa and see if they'll replace it.
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Originally Posted by TheLurker View Post
... Is it possible for me to reattach the clip?
If everything is intact why not give it a try and let us hear back. I also agree with what skip said too, good luck and welcome to abi ^_^

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IMO it would be pretty difficult to reattach without some sort of jig to overcome the spring tension and hold everything in position while the hinge pin is re-inserted. The spring arms are so tiny and I see no obvious way to compress them without the clip and pin already in place. Not to say it can't be done, just that it would take some inventive thinking to pull it off.
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In my experience, many of the dudes and dudettes here have no lack of inventive spirit. Always ever encouraging!
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