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Broad strokes, i see the headphone industry as such:

The Layman a.k.a. the every day user who know little aside from the fact that they like pretty colours and could care less about anything else.

The Fan a.k.a the audio/music music fan whom generally goes for price : performance.

The Professional a.k.a. the industry types, music industry, sound production, engineers, etc. People who care about the quality of their equipment and expect performance for the steep prices they will pay.

The Enthusiast a.k.a head-fiers, etc. Yall know, they pay for sugar pills and/or legit products alike generally without cost being much of a factor, easy to fool, generally drool drenched shirt fronts due to slight retardation, large foreheads, ok, ill stop now. Just playing.

I know this is very broad and entirely open to different interpretations, but i think it's mostly accurate. For example, I would consider myself "The Fan" with aspirations of being "The Enthusiast" if i had the coin to do so.

My point in the end is that these are simply aimed at "The Professional" crowd and a bi-product of that is that it also appeals to "The Enthusiast" people as well, but they are in no way aimed at the latter as that would be silly. Phonak is already a solidly established audio giant as they have built their reputation on being one of the worlds leading manufacturers of hearing aids.
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