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Thanks Satellite, and to Axon01, there's no real benefit to running on batteries. If it's strictly a desktop amp, I would leave them out entirely.

And yes you could build the power supply alongside the amp in a big enough box--especially if you used a small toroidal transformer (as in the GS-1). There are some nice heavy and sufficiently large DIY audio chassis on eBay for around $50. Some even come with a matching volume knob, etc. But you're on your own to figure out all the connectors/controls/etc.

In terms of hum and noise the measurements might be slightly worse but it should still be way below the audible threshold even with BA IEMs. You could just use an AC transformer and feed the board at the power jack input, or a dual (bipolar) full-wave DC power supply and feed the raw DC to the O2's onboard regulators.

As for price, I have a good idea, but I'm hoping to nail down the PCB price from at least one of the vendors interested in offering it. That's one of the most expensive parts of the project so it makes a significant difference.

And to dfkt, most everything is available from Farnell and their various subsidiaries. Even what's known as Front Panel Express in the USA has a location in Berlin (Schaeffer AG) that can accept the same files for the panel(s). There might be one or two parts you have to go elsewhere to buy. And, unlike Mouser, Farnell even sells the Box Enclosure case.

Of course there are the special triple diamond buffer discrete op amps in the O2. They use proprietary transistors which have been aged in liquid nitrogen for 6 months to improve their sound. The modules have to be installed so the transistors are oriented towards the North Pole to be compatible with the earth's magnetic field. These op amp modules are only available for (no relation to me).
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