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Originally Posted by axon01 View Post
I'm going to build the portable but I'd like to buy a nicely cased desktop model, as well.
Did you find the bits about the same board slipping into a taller aluminum case allowing adding 1/4" headphone jacks, RCA inputs, etc? I'll be making the CAD file(s) available for that version as well. You can just send them to Front Panel Express as is, or you can add your own tweaks, lettering, etc.

I'm curious if there's any sort of consensus on what people would like in the bigger version?
  1. RCA inputs on the back (even though that means ordering two panels instead of one doubling the cost)?
  2. Two 1/4" jacks instead of just one (in addition to the 3.5mm jack)?
  3. Install the board "backwards" to put most everything on the back and just have a panel mounted "off board" volume control and 1/4" jack on the front?
  4. For option #3 above, can the power switch stay on the back? (the O2 idles at 0.5 watts power and can be left on 24/7).
  5. Also for option #3? does the front need a panel mounted Power LED?
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