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Unhappy Warrany on hippo vbs?

Anyone know the warranty on the hippo vb's

I've had my hippos for about 2yrs now and their still my favorite earphones, but just now actually the left side of the earphones went out .

At first I thought it was my computer xD so I restarted it...then I noticed it was the earphones and it only gets sound if i hold the left cable near the cable splitter.

Does anyone know if the warranty would cover this or I probably might be screwed and warranty is probably expired by now huh :\ Guess it doesn't hurt to ask
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I could be wrong but AFAIK Uncle Wilson offers up to one year in the USA so it could be over now at 2 years. It sounds like you may have a short or break in the splitter, so if you can solder you may want to try to re-cable them, you have nothing to lose at this point.

Edit: I read 1 year from Jaben Malaysia

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meh even if it's more then 1 year in us I don't think I would be able to do anything without the receipt I have no clue where I left it at..all I have is the original box the hippo's came in lol.

Is their a guide somewhere on the net that teaches you step by step how to re-cable earphones...I really have no experience with soldering, but like you said I got nothing to lose now lol..worth a shot I guess.
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Here is one guide:

But in this guide one needs to open the headphones. If you've never done something like this before I'd advise you to cut the cable near the near the cable break and recable from there on. It really depends on where the Cable break is...
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