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Help Considering Virgin Mobile Triumph (?)

First off, I'm new to the phone section here, but I'm assuming that there are no brand/model sub-forums here (please correct me if I'm wrong), so I'll just put this in the Android section. Also, I searched, but couldn't find anything related...

Anyway, I'm looking to get an Android phone, and I'm sorta broke, so I'm looking at Virgin Mobile. I've had my eye on the LG Optimus, but my sister has one on Sprint, and the battery life is awful, just dreadful, especially for such a thick phone and a small screen. So I'm thinking about the Mototola Triumph that was just announced. Initial price isn't really a concern for me, just the monthly fees, and I really don't want a contract. It looks pretty good, but I'm wondering if there might be more battery problems since it has a big screen. And I'm wondering if paying the $40 or so extra a month on Sprint might be worth having a better quality phone, or maybe a 2.3 phone.

This is all kind of jumbled, but I'd love some input from someone who knows about this stuff.
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Seems like it has similar hardware to the HTC Thunderbolt, but has a slightly smaller physical screen and less RAM. I believe Virgin will provide a vanilla Android for this device meaning no MotoBlur which could potentially use up less RAM on the phone, meaning a chance to have a better battery life? (on par with the Thunderbolt perhaps?)

I don't know if the amount of RAM used affects Android but I know it does for Windows Mobile.

Apparently 2.3 has better battery management, but I can't confirm that as my device does not have an official 2.3 release nor is it CDMA.
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^In terms of multitasking RAM has a huge effect. The Triumph has 512MB of RAM, which is good for Android.
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I meant if the RAM used affects the battery.

i.e. putting the device on standby on 300 MB of RAM free compared to 100 MB of RAM free.
I would assume putting it on standby with 300 MB of RAM free would give you a longer battery life but I'm not sure.
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I'm considering the triumph as well, and as far as I know if they cover your area well, there isn't really anything to worry about in terms of service, as for battery life, that was one of my main concerns as well.
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Anyone have one yet? I have one on the way. Just curious what you all thought. This will be my second cellphone ever, it will be replacing my LG Rumor Touch. The Motorola Triumph looks light years ahead of this thing.
My only concern is the battery life, I hear its really short.
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