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Wow, excellent I'm downloading now. Thanks for the work. I'll keep you posted.

Love to see improved battery life. And the merged SD/main library. Incidently I tried the work around suggested by Jon B further up and it works even after a full powerdown.

I had a question that's been on my mind for awhile. I may have asked it once somewhere (perhaps on Génération MP3) but if someone answered I can't remember. When you unplug the R0 from the computer it goes into library update and then turns off. So first thing I want to do is turn it back on to see what's what - and there you have to wait because it's completely off (not just asleep). I've just timed it (without the new firmware yet (which is waiting patiently in my folder "Téléchargements")) and it took 40 seconds between ejecting the R0 and being able to choose a song to listen too.
Why can't it go into sleep mode? Is this something that you could change too (unless it's for safety!)

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