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I use MSC-Mode and did a simple Drag&Drop-Transfer in Windows Explorer.
Both PCs run with Windows 7 64 Bit but they produced different results.
I'll also speek with the Cowon tech-service today to tell them my experiences.

So stay tuned!
€: Cowon has no clue and told me that we have to find a solution for this problem.
€2: Could it have something to do with Ahci-Mode?
€3: Does anybody of you use th Marvell-Driver and which Mainboard do you have?
I own this: one.
€4: Here a little test that I did
€5: What programs have you (with the problem) installed?
Mine are these:
€6: I had the same problem when I owned the S9. But I didn't know that my new computer was the problem.

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