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Angry Mozaic ez300 flashing screen problem

Hi, i have a problem with my Zen Mozaic EZ300. One day it just suddenly showed the message (firmware is missing). So i reset it and plugged it in my computer. But the screen is stuck on "Scanning Disc" and the screen is flashing. My computer recognizes it, but only for 1 second then it starts scanning all over again.

I kept the player plugged in for a day, but nothing new happens.
I have tried everything. I rebooted it in recovery mode. Used "Clean Up", "Format all" and "reboot". I have the recovery tool also, but it cant upgrade, since the player keeps connecting then disconnecting a billion times....

How can i fix this? I have looked everywhere, and there is no answer for this.

Plz help me
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Sounds like either a hardware failure, or the firmware is borked - which can be a real problem if you can't maintain connectivity even while in Recovery Mode.

Did you try plugging in your player while in Recovery Mode? Can it hold a connection to your computer while in Recovery Mode? If so, then try reloading your firmware.

If you cannot hold a connection even in Recovery Mode, then it is likely a hardware failure in your player. However, it is best to eliminate any other factors, such as a faulty USB cable, or faulty USB port on your computer. Try a different USB cable, and try different USB ports (preferably the back ports, if on a desktop computer). If possible, try a different computer.
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The EZ300 is a lemon, plain and simple. It has issues left and right, and Creative needs to step up to the plate and do the right thing. I have a reasonable expectation of buying a product and having it work. The EZ300 fails on so many levels. If this were an IPod, and I don't want an IPod, it would be all over the press, but since very few people care about Creative, no one has heard a peep. If this were my first Creative player, it would be my last, but I love my other Creative players. I'm tired of trying to make this lemon work; I'm contacting Creative tech support again. I suggest you do the same. The more customers who complain, the better chance they'll listen.
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Yes, I have tried connecting the player while in Recovery Mode, but it just goes to the "Scanning Disc" screen. I also tried other cables and different ports but no hope.
Tried on my laptop aswell. I am gonna write a complaint to the Creative tech and take the player back to the store. Still have the warranty on this. Its under a month old.

I can say this, i am never gonna buy a Creative player again. After all the posts i see on this forum, i can see most Creative players are a huge failiure.

Anyways, thanks for the replies.
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please tell me what did you do to fix it
could you please talk and send to this mail
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Anyone here was able to solve this. Please update, it would be really helpful. Thanks.
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