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^ Agent_Milo: Hate to do this to you buddy, but...

I just got my hands on those Nuforce 700x. Gonna do my layperson version of a review after a few days, but I gotta say this right now:

Ain't no secret how much I love my Pana HJE900. Far and away the "best" IEMs I currently own and for sure my fave.

However, these Nuforce 700x are incredible for 60USD. There are a few reviews online, including on that other site on that massive IEM thread. Every single one of them is gushing and completely on the money according to what I am hearing from these Nuforce 700x at the moment.

These things are badass. B A D A S S I tell ya. Basswise, I totally feel they bridge the gap between untoppable VB and fast, punchy yet surprisingly low-capable Pana HJE900. Very generous soundstage, nicely balanced mids and crisp, not sibilant highs from the 700x [remember I might be a bit High Frequency challenged though] with strong details all-around. Add in gorgeous looking and top notch build quality/materials - really, I am amazed at what I got for 60USD. I absolutely love the VBs but I gotta be in the mood for them - they are great overall but honestly, at the moment I totally feel the Nuforce offer a better all around IEM least to me.

Yeah perhaps a case of "oh snap, new gear = awesome gear" syndrome, but I don't think so. I know what I like to hear and these things rock.

crap...I know I am now gonna be raving over these Nuforce things, FWIW...I just know it.

...ooops...too late.

My Maximo i590s just got demoted to sleeping/under pillow/Angry Birds on my Tab while in bed duty.

dfkt, get a pair to try and revie...P L E A S E!

PS: A hint of a pending post: tonight I came across Headphone Heaven, here in Hong Kong of all places. I s^&t you guys not. Wait till you see the pics. Seriously. Let's just say tonight I heard: Ortofon, Etymotics, FinalAudio, Westone, Shure and like a dozen others.
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