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@AgentMilo: Sorry, missed your PM and my inbox full anyways...

The VBs are very differently shaped versus the EP630. The EP630 is very small as you know, the whole housing can fit in my ear. I actually used them for a long time as my go-to-sleep IEMs as they pretty much fit flush in my ear so sleeping for me with them on was great. Plus they were pretty inexpensive so I was not overly concerned about damaging them when I slept.

The VB housings are indeed much larger. They are not necessarily ginormous, but are pretty big. However, the tip is basically the same as most IEMs - I mean the actual nozzle size, the part that goes into your outer ear canal. Still, yes, the housings themselves will kinda stick out a bit and you may find them a bit strange coming from the very low profile EP630. This is really a matter of getting used to stuff IMO - sorta like you wore Nikes your whole life and then suddenly you start wearing Adidas.

As for the VB sibilance some mention? Never bothered me a whit. But to be fair, I am kinda old and for sure have a little bit of high frequency hearing degradation. I think I am rubbish above 16khz or so...not bad, but not dog whistle capable either. And to be fair, I personally like a brighter top end versus one that is more subdued. Not to the point of ssssssssibilance, but still crisp.

Not sure what to suggest for you my man. I feel your confusion with this stuff. So many to choose from and we all have our faves! Like I said before, can be pretty hit or miss, which does suck in terms of money and in your case, accessibility perhaps.

Here's a suggestion, maybe before you jump in on an IEM purchase. Are there any large, respectable audio stores you can visit? I am thinking of one with a generous return/exchange policy [preferably refund policy]. If you find something like this, a place willing to take stuff back after you try them, perhaps you can build your own IEM database. By sampling a variety of IEMs and then reporting back here, people might be able to get a better sense of exactly what you may be looking for in terms of IEM sound characteristics that you prefer.

Yes, a pain in the ass. Yes, maybe you cannot find a retailer who will play ball with you. But worth a shot.

Otherwise, best you can do is ask more specific questions about IEMs that interest you and then read what people say, trying to get a sense of how they might sound to your ears.

You already have a good start - you mentioned the relative "muddiness" of the EP630 I believe. This indeed is what I and I think, other EP630 owners have found. So now you know that your perception and understanding of "muddy" bass is pretty much in line with how other people think of it. Now, how about the mids and highs?

See what I am suggesting?

cheers man,
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