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Originally Posted by Teddy25 View Post
Oh and one more thing. To put songs on a micro sd card would I have to put it directly in the computer or in the J3 and then connect it to the computer?
You can do it either way:

(1) insert SDHC card into a USB reader, and then plug the USB reader into the PC where a Windows drive letter gets assigned, copy files from PC to card drive letter (through the reader); then "safely remove hardware", disconnect the reader from the PC, remove the SDHC card from the reader, and insert into the J3, boot the J3, etc., etc.

(2) insert the SDHC card directly into the J3, and then plug the J3 into the PC where TWO Windows drive letters will get assigned (one for the internal J3 storage, and a second for the external SDHC card); then copy files from PC to either internal J3 storage drive letter or external SDHC card drive letter; then "safely remove hardware", disconnect the J3 from the PC, and boot the J3, etc.

The only difference is perhaps one of speed copying huge amounts of data to the card. Generally, external USB readers are faster than the J3 and can thus utilize the additional speed of a Class 4 or Class 6 external card if you've bought one. The J3 is a bit slower, more like Class 2 speed for writing to the external card (even if your card is potentially faster). Internal J3 storage is more like Class 6.

But once this one-time copy-file job is finished, your typical subsequent music-maintenance work is much smaller in size and you'll probably never see the difference as significant.
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