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Default Just won a 30gb Zen Extra. Anything I should know?

Thats what I won, I asked him if all was alright with it and if the battery still holds a charge, he said it did.

My question is, will this work off the bat if I plug it in and open windows media player 12(In windows 7)?

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Wow, nice and congrats!

I got 2 of these excellent old school puppies - unfortunately, while I now have Win7 on a new laptop, the Xtras are back in NYC and I am overseas.

There are a few Creative experts here - hope they will chime in.

Obviously, the best thing to do is just to plug the thing in and see what happens on Win7. Though I suggest you consider ditching WMP 12 and trying out Winamp or MediaMonkey - both IMO are far far better than WMP and I use both to manage my Xtras on WinXP, a job they do just perfectly.

As for the battery? It is really not a worry - as you can see, the Xtras have easily and readily available user replaceable batteries. I have had my Xtras for many many years and yes, have had to replace the batteries a couple of times. Not a problem at all.

The Xtra is not fancy and is positively bricklike compared to current devices, but it sounds great, with OTG playlist abilities and does the job, thank you very much.

cheers and enjoy!
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I hope WMP works, I use to use Mediamonkey but it could not handle all of my music, odd that WMP has no problems, it use to duplicate all my files also. I never could use winamp right, I know I am in the minority using WMP but it works with my current mp3 player and I have everything organized super well in it. I am in NYC now, to bad they are going to waste there :-/.
Thanks! :-)

Yeah I saw some OEM batteries on Ebay but was not sure of which is good( I have bought junk ones for cellphones before, so I am a bit iffy).
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Ok so I got it, the left channel is out, I read these can have headphone Jack problems. Odd when half way out holding it in both earphones work....this is a shame.

Any thing I can do or should I junk this one? He gave me a full refund already and told me to just throw it out but that seems like such a waste. Oh yeah and the battery died while syncing about 10gb of files....I am guessing this is not normal. (Anyone Know a reliable battery dealer if I do fix this?)

Also it works with my Windows media player perfectly!

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I hate to resurrect a tangentially-related thread, but I figure this is a better home than a whole new thread for my question.

I had an 80GB Zune, but it's gone totally AWOL (I'm pretty sure it grew some legs while I was at work or something, urgh). For the time being, I'm thinking about using my dad's Zen Xtra 30GB. However, I already have TWO music programs on my computer - iTunes for listening while I'm on my computer and Zune for podcatching and syncing to my Zune. Can anyone tell me what programs are going to be able to sync to the Zen without being too system/resource/extension-intensive?

EDIT: another note. Anything that works well with podcasts and auto-syncing based on played status? Or is that beyond the power of the Xtra?

...DOUBLE-EDIT: This thing won't even be recognized by Windows 7 64-bit, will it?

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